Register’s Office Receives Exemplary Review in Recent Report

The Office of Legislative Audits, in a routine review of the operations of the office of the Register of Wills for Howard County, has concluded that the office has no “significant deficiencies in the design of operation of the Office’s internal control,” nor does it have any “significant instances of noncompliance with applicable laws, rules, or regulations.” Byron and his dedicated staff have worked diligently over many years to ensure that this office’s fiscal operations are conducted with precision and integrity. This report demonstrates that Byron’s leadership has produced a highly efficient, fiscally sound public office that Howard County residents can be proud of. Byron’s office generates between $2.5 and $3 million in revenue each year, the vast majority of which is placed into the state General Fund to support public health, primary and higher education, transportation, and public safety.

For more information, the full audit report can be found here.

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