Paper Reduction Initiative Signed Into Law

On Tuesday, May 10th, Governor Larry Hogan signed House Bill 472 into law. This bill, introduced by Delegate Christian Miele of Baltimore County, will reduce the volume of documents stored by the Registers by over 90%. For almost 20 years now, the Registers of Wills have been scanning and imaging all papers they receive. Using these high-resolution, secure images, documents can be easily reproduced. This legislation would allow the Registers to dispose of the original paper files, except any wills or codicils (amendments to wills). This enormous reduction will save the state – Archives and the Registers – and local jurisdictions – which are required to house the Registers in their courthouse – time and money in terms of storage, equipment, and maintenance.

Byron is grateful to Delegate Miele for sponsoring this legislation and for his colleagues’ support in this endeavor. Together, this simple, good government bill, is now law.

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