Byron Touts Record & Commitment to Progressive Leadership in HoCo Times Profile

Earlier this week, the Howard County Times published its first profile on Byron and the race for County Council District 4. Byron touted his proven record of progressive advocacy on issues like marriage equality, protecting our immigrant community, and getting big money out of politics. He also made clear that as a Council member, he’d lead on the difficult issues, including those with national implications: “There are times… in local government when we are going to have to step up.”

Byron also discussed development and growth in Columbia. “The more I talk to people, the more concern I hear that Howard County is unaffordable for people… There’s concern about whether… development is occurring in a way that is shaped by the community’s values.”

While Byron is committed to being a progressive leader on the County Council, he explained his belief that this means “listening to people, respecting where they’re coming from and trying to incorporate their concerns into whatever decision you make.” He’ll be a Council member who will always listen to the people of District 4 and all of Howard County.

Read the full article HERE.


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