What Matters to You? Take Our Survey.

What matters to you? Byron has never been the kind of candidate who claims to know everything or have all the answers. Instead, he asks people questions to find out matters to them, what’s on their minds, and what’s the best way to improve or fix what’s wrong. As Register of Wills, Byron came into office with plenty of ideas and has implemented a wide array of positive changes. But some of the best ideas he’s been able to implement and many solutions to problems he’s been able to act on have come from people like you. Byron needs your knowledge, your vision and your ideas to fuel this campaign. This election isn’t about any one candidate’s agenda, its about yours. 


From the beginning, Byron has promised to make this an inclusive grassroots campaign where everyone in our community has a seat at the table. This will be the first of many efforts he’ll be making during this election to make good on that promise. Please take a minute to complete this survey and be a part of this ongoing dialogue about the future of Columbia and all of Howard County:



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