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When Byron became Register of Wills, he asked the office staff a lot of questions. “That’s how it’s always been done” was often the answer. For Byron, who campaigned on modernizing the office and creating a culture of innovation, compassion, and care, this answer was never acceptable. From the very beginning of his tenure, he has worked to build a solutions-oriented office where every member of his staff  treats everyone they serve with dignity and respect. The Register of Wills has become known as a model for how public servants should deliver services to people in need of assistance. Byron is proud of his team and the work they do to help Howard County families navigate what can seem like an overwhelming and complex legal process. Don’t take it from him or his campaign, here’s what the citizens of Howard County have to say about the office Byron’s built and the team he’s assembled:


“I was in state government for 30 years and this was the most professional, most helpful service I have experienced.”

“Your aid could be a fine example for all folks who deal with the public on a daily basis.”

“The professionals with whom I dealt were true ambassadors of the best of civil service. They deliver their vital service with grace and competence. I am forever indebted to them.”

 “This was one of the best examples of outstanding customer service I have seen.”

“Our Howard County Register of Wills is an exceptional office.”

“I have neither a single complaint, nor the possibility of having expected anything more.”

“On the phone and in person your staff was both very professional and kind in helping us take care of the important paperwork. Keep up the good work.”

“Your whole staff was so helpful and knowledgeable. Even under the circumstances it was a refreshing and pleasant visit.”

“Your staff is aware of the pressure people are under and as a result your staff is most helpful and considerate of our feelings. Thank you for your attention to my problems.”

“Kudos for all the warm help. You have managed to maintain a relaxed and cordial office environment despite the seriousness of the issues you deal with. What an accomplishment!”

“I applaud the entire office, who were always willing to also offer suggestions and guidance.”

“When I arrived at the Register of Wills office, everyone I came into contact with was professional, welcoming and compassionate. This was important to me as I had recently lost my mother.”

“Excellent, patient, and conscientious employees. Give them a day off – they deserve it after dealing with us!!! Thank you for outstanding service!!!”

 “I want to thank everyone in the office, names known and unknown, who provided me with help when I needed it. I am grateful for the attention I received and the time and effort spent on my behalf. Thanks to all!”

“I appreciate that these employees went out of their way to make sure my questions were always answered and to walk me through the necessary steps.”

“In all instances when I called, I felt I received close-listening-attention, understanding towards my needs, questions and problems, and responsive advice and assistance.”

“You and your colleagues there made a process that is commonly believed in the lay world to be agonizing and painful quite manageable and educational.”

“What a pleasant experience, very professional yet given with such genuine concern and a friendly attitude.”

 “…instrumental in making my introduction to the estate process painless and efficient. He continued to be a valuable asset to answer all my questions and offered suggestions as I continued through the process.”

“…did their jobs very well and I want to thank them for their efforts in settling my mother’s estate. I was her personal representative and they made the process as easy as possible.”

“…very helpful and competent.”

“…helpful, professional, and compassionate as I lost my husband a month ago. Kudos!”

“A stressful event turned into a peaceful and relieved time. Thank you! Very pleasant deputy.”

“…very pleasant and caring and reassured me that they would take care of everything. Thank you!!!”

“…very helpful to me on the phone and in person… excellent in explaining some complex issues and showed a high degree of professionalism.”

“…very knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me to walk through a difficult process with kindness and professionalism. Many Thanks!”

“…very helpful.”

“…provided excellent assistance and service.”

“…so helpful in filing of my husband’s last will and testament.”

“…so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful.”

“…very helpful and gracious… a tribute to civil service.”

“…extemely kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you!!!”

“I was very impressed… very helpful, thorough and patient.”


“…very helpful and cordial.”

“…competent, efficiant and friendly.”

“…very helpful.”

“My compliments for the excellent service provided to me.”

“…went over every detail and answered all my questions in the most professional way.”

“…very helpful.”

“…so very professional yet personal… also very patient.”

“…amazing job helping me and explaining everything to me! Thank you!”

“…kind, helpful, pleasant and totally refreshing during a time like this. Thank you for the amazing customer service. A blessing to us.”

“…fabulous. Always helpful, compassionate, very responsive to my calls and questions. To be commended…”

“…exceptionally helpful.”

“…outstanding, professional and extraordinarily helpful.”

“…very helpful and kind during the process.”

“…absolutely outstanding.

“… very nice, helpful and efficient.”

“…very helpful.”

“… very professional and had all the answers I needed. Awesome!”

“… very pleasant, professional and explained everything very well.”

“Very helpful and efficient.”

“… professional attitude and helpful explanations. So nice to have people like that to help me.”

“…professional, compassionate, and efficient, as was the support staff.”

“…very helpful and very, very caring of my husband’s passing, which has been very tough for me.”

“…very efficient and helpful – also warm and friendly – excellent job!”

“…so very knowledgeable and helpful and got us on our way to the MVA in Glen Burnie in record time.”

“What a pleasant experience. Very professional yet given with such genuine concern and a friendly attitude.”

“The service provided… was exceptional!”

“From the time I entered I was shown every courtesy.”

“…helped with the estate and was wonderful.”

“…extremely helpful and pleasant.”

“…really nice… took time and explained everything on what I had to do.”

“…very personal and professional… very attentive and took the time to explain and walk me through each step to make this transition easy.”

“…exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful and handled our filing professionally and competently.”

“…very helpful. The entire staff was wonderful.”

“Thank you for your help!”

“…very friendly and exceptionally eager to help. Would suggest more public employees watch and learn from them. Excellent experience.”

“…an excellent resource… assistance and kindness were commendable!!! ”

“Outstanding… demeanor and professionalism made this experience very comfortable. ”

“…very helpful. ”

“…easy to talk to. ”

“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. ”


“…most helpful to me when I came into your office… professionalism and efficiency was exemplary. I was completely surprised that I accomplished my tasks in less than an hour.”

“…did a great job with all explanations, process and questions. Made this process very easy.”

“Very efficient and extremely nice – a pleasure to work with! Many thanks.”

“…was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process. Thank you.”

“…did your office ‘proud.’”

“…was very helpful over the phone giving me very good information… assisted me when I came to the office and was very efficient and kind.”

“…efficient, highly knowledgeable, professional yet friendly, and for our time allotted–fast!”

“…kind and professional dealing with me and establishing the small estate for my deceased wife.”

“…invaluable… very pleasant and understanding.”

“…did an excellent job of putting me at ease in a situation that was uncharted territory for me.”

“…very helpful and professional… always took the time to explain the process and thoroughly answer all of my questions.”

“Everyone I dealt with in the office was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable.”

“…very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate to work with.”

“…very helpful, patient and knowledgeable in assisting me with closing my mom’s estate. I am very grateful.”

“What incredibly wonderful service. Very impressive.”

“…worked extremely well as a team for my mom’s estate.”

“…helped to make the estate process a smooth road to completion.”

“…provided all the help we needed to close my father’s estate. I would still have been on page 1. They were so, so helpful and considerate.”

“It is especially refreshing when something as seemingly complicated as resolving an estate proceeded as smoothly as it did in this case.”

“He is an asset to the county!!”

“On the phone and in person your staff were both very professional and kind in helping us.”

“You made this part of dealing with the death of a loved one so much easier.”

“… an angel on earth without wings.”

“… went above and beyond.”

“… very cordial and kind, always displaying an attitude of professionalism.”

“… extremely knowledgeable, helpful and courteous.”

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