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Campaign Launches First Web Video

Over the course of this campaign, Byron continues to develop a platform shaped by the shared values and vision of the people of the 4th Council District. Now, in the campaign’s first web video, listen to Byron share some of his story, why he’s running for County Council, and his values and priorities for Howard County.

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Byron Calls for Removal of Confederate Monument

The tragic events of this past weekend in Charlottesville and the steady rise of white supremacist sentiment in our country have sent shockwaves across America and the world. We are called to re-affirm our values and we are called to action.

In Howard County, we believe in the value of each and every person who calls this special place home. We value learning from one another, growing together, and being a part of a diverse, inclusive community. We value civility and treating one another with dignity and respect.

However, for 69 years, Howard County has maintained a monument to a cause that did not reflect our values. That cause was the Confederacy. It was a cause determined to dissolve the United States of America, affirm white supremacy, and perpetuate the enslavement of African Americans. In the words of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, “The Confederacy was on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of humanity.”

This monument pays tribute, selectively, to only some who fought and suffered during the Civil War. It ignores the Union soldiers who fought and died and all those who suffered the horrors of slavery. It fails completely to tell the story of Howard County’s Civil War history. This monument is also a painful reminder of the backlash in the 1940s and 1950s against the beginnings of Civil Rights Movement, which led to the construction of monuments to the Confederacy in public spaces across our nation. These monuments were built to send a strong message to show, in Mayor Landrieu’s words, “who was still in charge.” And this monument does not sit on just any public land. Rather, it sits on the grounds of our county courthouse, a place that should be and must be a symbol for justice and equal protection of the law for all of our people.

The question for our community is whether continuing to provide such a prominent perch for this monument, which glorifies the Confederacy and ignores our full history, sends the right message about Howard County and our shared values. The answer to that question is no.

I urge the County Executive and County Council to remove this monument from the grounds of the courthouse. I further suggest that the monument be relocated to a more appropriate site, whether it be a private cemetery or a museum, like the Howard County Historical Society Museum beside the courthouse.

Let’s answer the call to re-affirm our values as the diverse, inclusive community we know and love. And let’s act.

(Click here for the first local news story on this issue, reported by Fox45).

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What Matters to You? Take Our Survey.

What matters to you? Byron has never been the kind of candidate who claims to know everything or have all the answers. Instead, he asks people questions to find out matters to them, what’s on their minds, and what’s the best way to improve or fix what’s wrong. As Register of Wills, Byron came into office with plenty of ideas and has implemented a wide array of positive changes. But some of the best ideas he’s been able to implement and many solutions to problems he’s been able to act on have come from people like you. Byron needs your knowledge, your vision and your ideas to fuel this campaign. This election isn’t about any one candidate’s agenda, its about yours. 


From the beginning, Byron has promised to make this an inclusive grassroots campaign where everyone in our community has a seat at the table. This will be the first of many efforts he’ll be making during this election to make good on that promise. Please take a minute to complete this survey and be a part of this ongoing dialogue about the future of Columbia and all of Howard County:



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Byron Marches in Longfellow 4th of July Parade

Byron was joined by family, friends, volunteers, and some brand new supporters to walk in the Longfellow community’s 47th annual 4th of July Parade. He was thrilled to see many friends in the neighborhood he first men during his first election as Register of Wills in 2010. He enjoyed reuniting with new supporters who have come on board early in this campaign, and shake the hands of dozens of residents he hopes to represent as their County Council member. Take a moment to look at some photos from this wonderful day in this welcoming, vibrant community:

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Reform continues under Byron’s leadership; latest brings $250,000 in savings to Maryland families

Byron has made it his mission to undo an anachronistic rule that requires the Registers of Wills to send out notices by certified mail. Through research, he determined the total cost for these notices to Maryland families is approximately $250,000 per year. As most people know, a certified letter rarely brings good news and thus many of these notices are returned unclaimed, and the return of a certified letter postcard does not actually prove the intended recipient received the notice. Therefore, Byron worked with his colleagues, the Estates & Trusts Section of the Maryland Bar Association, and pursued this reform relentlessly for the past three years. He is pleased to announce that the Maryland Court of Appeals approved a change to the Maryland Rules which will allow the Registers to send all notices by first-class mail rather than certified. This will, again, bring about $250,000 in savings to Maryland families each year.

This is yet another example of common sense reform that Byron has made the hallmark of his tenure as Register of Wills. As a member of the County Council, the people of Howard County can expect the same steadfast stewardship of our local government, ensuring that it runs in a way that is cost effective, modern, and responsive to the community’s needs.

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